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Where do we work?


Our office in Germany is located in Braunschweig in a very modern work environment. As a global player, TOYODENSO’s facilities are located in North America, Europe and Asia.

How do we work?

Attention & Respect

Our working atmosphere is attentive, open-minded and respectful and is reflecting the Japanese culture. TOYODENSO’s tradition is to care for each other. A close relationship with our customers is one of our key values to understand their needs.


Teamwork is one of the key elements to reach our goals. Our Project teams across the countries have to track various tasks from different departments.

Independence & Self-Responsibility

As a small/medium-sized company there is room for self-realization and the self responsible creation of each of our working fields and processes.

Communication & Equipment

The communication in our multicultural team occurs in English, German and Japanese.
International travel is common for us, for a good reason: we believe in direct communication. Worldwide travelling is part of our company culture to keep close contact with the TOYODENSO family.
Intercultural communication requires a shared IT environment to stay updated between the different locations. Therefore our office environment is equipped with the most advanced technology. This enables us to have a good quality communication around the world.

Comments from employees about the company

“My international and very diverse team is the key to success on the way to the TOYODENSO Excellence Center in Germany.”

– Yasuyuki Tobishima, Managing Director

“At TOYODENSO I can develop myself freely and get the support to realize my ideas into practice.”

– Miriam Rexin, HR & General Affairs

“I am really happy and thankful that I receive so much support from my colleagues to settle in Germany, we are a good team.”

– Takahiro Yamaguchi, Senior Design Engineer R&D

“At TOYODENSO, I am not only challenged, but I am also getting promoted and supported – and that matters to me.”

– Gregor Dassinger, Project Management

“As a Quality Manager I have contact to international customers and edit various topics. To fulfill the high conditions, it is necessary to participate in trainings regularly to stay up-to-date.”

– Mathis Müller, Quality Manager

“I am the interface to Japan, so communication on the projects is running smoothly. We are always in touch with Japan and receive many parcels with Japanese goodies.”

– Keisuke Yoshimoto, Coordinator of Sales and Project Management


We are proud of our people and our people are proud of our products.

TOYODENSO teams are multicultural and have good relationships and strong team spirit. We spend a lot of time together while working, so it is important for us to manifest a good atmosphere, where everyone feels comfortable and part of the team. We help each other away from work and have our of work activities or just go out to eat together during our breaks. We welcome guests from Japan or other TOYODENSO locations with a nice dinner in the evening.


Information for applicants

Entry opportunities:

  • direct entry
  • bachelor/ master thesis
Please send us the following documents via E-Mail
  • cover letter
  • CV
  • certificates [vocational training/course of study, internships etc.]
  • work samples [if available]
  • enrollment certificate [if you are student]

… to the following address:


TOYODENSO Deutschland GmbH
Hans-Sommer-Str. 67
38106 Braunschweig, Germany
+49 531 3939-8808

Your Contact Person:

Miriam Rexin.